Frank Connolly

IMG_1145 me

Slurping gallons of diesel like coffee and scouring the internet for any Football related news, not discriminating between relevant or utterly pointless information (Keyshawn Johnston doesn’t like Justin Beiber)

Philanthropist, Philosopher and Broncos fanatic, when I’m not re-inventing the Tight End position for the mighty Belfast Trojans (All Ireland Champions no less), I will be providing outstanding fantasy advice, betting tips and regurgitating all the totally fucked up nonsense that seems to plague my existence.

All whilst I mascerade as a civil servant and try not to give away the fact I get paid to do nothing. I was recently the recipient of my first written warning for standing up and letting out an audible FUCK YEA when I read the news of the Wes Welker aquisition.

Have a read, it’ll make your own life seem fantastic and you might learn a thing or two.

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